King OKie Plays Outtakes Music Fest

King OKie is playing the Outtakes Music Fest on Friday night at the world-famous Eskimo Joe’s in Stillwater. Outtakes is a part of this year’s Red Dirt Film Fest.

Red Dirt will bring hundreds of film-industry professionals to Stillwater to screen movies, attend workshops and party. A lot of that partying will happen at Eskimo Joe’s on Friday and at George’s Stables on Saturday with a super-eclectic lineup of musicians playing psychedelic, rock, folk, country and, of course, heavy western music.

Here’s the OUTTAKES lineup:

Friday, March 30 @ Eskimo Joe’s: 
10 pm = Kevin Snelson
10:45 pm = King Okie Brand Music Band
11:45 pm = Psycho Deralikt Duo
12:30 am = Helen Kelter Skelter

Saturday, March 31 @ George’s Stables 
7 pm = Zac Wenzel
7:45 pm = Ben Ben Mckenzie
8:45 pm = Carter Sampson
10 pm = The Trapps (Thomas Trapp & Kim Reynolds)


The band can tell you from experience that The Trapps and Carter Sampson are going to be great, and Snelson’s all-original songwriting is going to give you pause … and probably the giggles.

King Okie will also be selling hard copies of the newly recorded “Brownie Song,” complete with thrashing drums, dobros, electric guitars and a really sweet mix for jamming loudly on your favorite sound system. This track is the beginning of Phase II for King OKie as the band is back in the studio, perfecting a new vibe in heavy western music. Follow King OKie on WordPress for the forthcoming video and other treats.

Read more about Red Dirt Film here. And stay tuned.


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